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Custom Couture

Custom made dresses are designed and created by Nadia for clients who would like a unique one of a kind look for their special event. Whether it's a wedding gown, bridesmaid dress or a ball gown, Nadia has extensive dressmaking experience to design and handcraft a work of art for you to wear.

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Custom Couture in Rochester NY

Creating a handmade dress requires many hours of design work, pattern making, draping and fitting that together with your vision and style becomes unforgettable beauty made just for you. Nadia pays special attention to each client and is fully devoted to making your dress a glamorous success!

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Custom made dresses in Rochester NY, dress design and pattern making

Custom work is $95/hour + the cost of materials such as fabric and supplies.
Lead time is 6 months.
Estimated time to complete:
Skirt:  3-5+ hours
Blouse:  10+ hours
Dress:  15+ hours

For exact quote, questions and details please contact Nadia to set up an appointment.

Custom made wedding dresses, prom dresses in Rochester NY. Fashion designer Nadia
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